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JNB Aerials Ltd

JNB Aerials Ltd

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TV/Audio Signal Reception, Network Connectivity, TV Aerial, Satellite, Field Servicing - TV/Audio, Field Servicing - White Goods, CCTV (closed circuit TV), Alarms, Access Systems, Broadband, Home Networking, VSAT (satellite internet), IRS (Integrated reception systems), Flat Panel TV Installation

In the 5 years that we have been building our business we've also been buiding a formidable reputation. A hard won reputation forged on honesty, integrity, trust and an absolute commitment to delivering the very best in aerial and satellite dish installation services. Your satisfaction and our future depend on us keeping our promises and keeping them quickly, with the minimum of fuss and maximum value for money. Others may offer versions of what we do; claim to be cheaper, claim to have been in business for longer. They may talk a good game. But if its value that matters, if its trust, if its a question of who you can choose to get the job done well and to get the job done on time - then the answer is JNB Aerials. From a single system domestic digital switchover retuning to a commercial residential project that needs large scale aerial re-siting to an office CAT 5 or 6 data cabling requirement (and everything in between), we know exactly what it takes to get the job done.
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Joel Higgins

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