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WiFi Extenders – Why and how to use them

WiFi Extenders – Why and how to use them

There is nothing worse after a long day, kids are settled, doing homework, watching TV and playing games and you want to take the time to sit down and relax - maybe watch a film, your favourite series or catch up on emails BUT.... everything is on a go slow - your program is buffering, your emails are taking an eternity to load and the kids are shouting 'What's going on with the WiFi !'.

Sound familiar? This could be happening in different parts of your home, but the good news is you may be able to solve the problem by using WiFi extenders.

Simply put, a WiFi extender connects to your router (either wirelessly or by a wired connection), with the purpose to extend your WiFi and internet into different rooms where walls, even furniture can cause an obstruction or just a room far away from your router all creating WiFi dead zones.

A WiFi extender is a simple little device that basically grabs the wireless signal from your router and then re-broadcasts it on a different channel from where it is plugged in. This then provides you with more wireless signals for all your devices throughout your home to connect to.

The challenge and skill is to find the right location to put your WiFi extender. It must be close enough to your router to be able to grab the wireless signal but then in a good position to share the WiFi signal to where you need it most.

Some tips to consider using WiFi extenders: -

Firstly, always check that you are on the best WiFi plan for your home and from your provider - you may think you are but there could be other plans available that provide better speeds.

If you need a boosted WiFi signal upstairs, think about placing the extender in a room above where your router is - remember the closer it is to a router the stronger the signal will be that can be re-broadcast so you need to also think vertically. Kids often need it upstairs so usually essential as a first step with extenders.

If you need more WiFi signal because of the number of people using WiFi in your home, make sure that you opt for a dual band WiFi extender and the most current WiFi extender available. The older single band extenders can have a negative effect and cause your WiFi to slow down. Don't worry it will say on the box that it is dual band and most new ones are.

We typically are trying to spend more time outdoors in our gardens, whether it be in the summer months making the most out of any nice weather we have or now even in the winter around fires and heaters enjoying toasted marshmallows on crisp winter nights. We still want access to WiFi when we are outside to stream music, keep connected with friends, browse, or watch a film. To make the most out of a boosted signal, place your extender in a room with access outside and try and place it where there are as little obstacles as possible to the outside. Outside power point available - perfect - place it there!

Good luck and enjoy your boosted signal.