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Pick of the top Ultra HD 4K TV's to buy today

Pick of the top Ultra HD 4K TV's to buy today

Purchasing a TV is getting harder with the choice available and all the technology that is now shouted around everywhere, however, it seems fairly unanimous that the LG OLED E6 series is the TV to buy.

Available in both 55-inch and 65-inch variants both providing an absolutely superb display with no hint of a light bleed, only deep black colours partnered with the brightest whites. Looking absolutely amazing is the HRD footage with the standard dynamic range footage popping more than on any other TV.

The integrated soundbar is a great addition, which pumps out superb sound.

But it's not always about the best TV it's about the best TV for you.

How to choose the best TV

TV's are everywhere in all types of shops and they are just so diverse nowadays. You can certainly buy a TV for a couple of hundred pound, but will it give you the experience you are looking for? There are so many different things to consider; panel technologies (direct LED, edge LED and OLED); different resolutions (HD and UHD); whether you want a high dynamic range or asking yourself what level of HDR performance do you want, not at the least, do you want a flat screen or a curved screen?

4K TVs are now becoming the norm and the view is if you want a sizeable TV, it really isn't worth getting one that can only do Full HD.

Look for something that meets your needs and work out which of the many features is really important to you, thinking about your viewing habits and tastes. It seems obvious but also think about what screen size you can fit in your room or what would look right. It is said that the best way to determine the optimum screen size is to calculate how far you will be sitting from your TV (in inches), multiply this distance by 0.535 and then round the answer up to the nearest screen size.

Remember size doesn't mean a better TV, it's all about the features and what suits you.

10 Best TV's to buy for 2017

LG OLED E6 Series

Available in 55-inch and 65-inch

Top features:

  • Amazing black levels
  • Stunning thin design

Top falls:

  • Missing details in bright areas
  • Very expensive

It is simply one of the most attractive TVs made, with its slim 'picture on a glass' design. Its ability to contrast the deep black levels with the brightest of whites creates a stunning picture and viewer experience which just isn't possible with current LCD technology. The experience is further enhanced by the inclusion of a soundbar that provides a great sound not dissimilar to the quality of an external audio system.

Prices range from 1362 - 3499 (dependent on size)

Samsung KS9500 Series

The full majesty of HDR content revealed via a spectacularly screen and image.

Top Features:

  • Incredible picture quality
  • Amazing HDR sound

Top Falls:

  • Expensive
  • Curved screen not for all

One of the first brands to introduce TV capable of showing high dynamic range and this TV provides one of the brightest series. Coupled with some serious powerful sound, it absolutely delivers incredible life-like, dynamic and dramatic pictures that contain more colour and detail than ever seen before. This TV provides the best attempt of turning standard dynamic range pictures into HDR.

Prices range from 2449 - 2799

Panasonic DX802 Series

Keenly priced whilst still being a gorgeous design with excellent picture and sound.

Top Features:

  • Good Value
  • Brilliant soundbar included

Top Falls:

  • Not as bright as some HDR rivals
  • Native contrast isn't the best

Considering the quality of the TV compared to their more superior models, this TV is really competitively priced, especially as this TV includes a 12 speaker external sound bar audio system, native UHD screens, support for high dynamic range playback and quite simply a great smart TV system.

Its design is unique with the TV screen hanging between two easel-style silver legs where you also rest the external sound bar. Of course you can wall mount the TV if desired. Some issues with the LED on occasion, but using the TV's adaptive backlight feature on its highest setting, should offset this and not interfere with any enjoyment.

Prices range from 1079 - 1199

Samsung KS7000 Series

Providing great value plus ultra-bright HDR pictures

Available in 49-inch, 55-inch and 60-inch

Top Features:

  • Well priced
  • Great all round picture quality

Top falls:

  • Some backlight clouding issues
  • Needs a large table to put it on

This is Samsung's mission to bring HDR to a wider audience. The TV delivers a dynamic picture with colour vibrancy and a punch using its combination of an ultra bright panel and Quantum Dot reproduction. It's super easy to use and find content via the new and improved version of Samsung's Tizen smart interface.

In summary, no other TV in this price range delivers HDR as successfully whilst keeping the TV's attractive with slim, metallic frames and minimalist desktop feet. What's also a real positive is that it is fairly free of cable with using an external box that passes on picture and sound via a single cable.

Prices range from 849 - 1298 (depending on size)

Panasonic DX902 Series

Such a good TV, is breath-taking

Available in 58-inch and 65-inch

Top Features:

  • Bright, contrast-rich pictures
  • Clever and effective local dimming
  • Friendly smart TV system

Top Falls:

  • Backlight bleed with extreme HDR

For this price, there is no TV that comes close. The TV provides an exceptionally bright panel whilst giving brilliant black levels for an LCD screen and also has beautifully controlled colours. Panasonic have achieved this by using the new honeycomb panel designed to limit how far unwanted light can spread.

Prices range from 1649 - 2299

Sony XD9405 Series

This is more of a home cinema option than just a TV with the 75-inch being hard to resist.

Top features:-

  • Brilliant home cinema
  • Just lovely picture quality
  • Apps galore, also including YouView

Top Falls:

  • Android TV's interface is a little clunky
  • Some HDR backlight blooming

If you are into your films, then this is the TV for you if you have the space in your living room. The sheer size and quality of this TV could easily make going to the cinema a thing of the past.

The 75-inch screen provides a stunning, just brilliantly detailed, colourful, high contrast, clear and natural picture. Its sheer size clearly outlines the benefits of having a native 4K pixel count screen to work with.

Prices range from 3999 - 4525

LG OLED B6 Series

This is the one to go for if you can't afford the OLED E6.

Top Features:

  • Gorgeous picture quality
  • Brilliant thin design
  • LG's webOS smart system

Top Falls:

  • Detail clipping in bright areas
  • Occasional brief colour noise

Although it isn't as ultra slim as the E6 model, they do deliver a broadly similar picture quality. Noticeable when you are talking about beautifully high contrast, colour-rich, HDR-capable, 4K pictures, LG's TVs are certainly providing them this year.

You can notice that the audio is thinner compared to the soundbar of the E6 but for many enthusiasts, it is a way to get you're your hands on the cheapest option for LG's latest OLED generation.

Prices range from 1799 to 2807

Panasonic DX600 Series

If you don't have much space then this is the clear favourite for a 40-inch set (other size are available)

Available in 40-inch, 49-inch and 55-inch.

Top Features:-

  • Cheap for a 4K TV
  • Good 4K picture quality
  • Friendly and also customisable smart TV

Top Falls:

  • Sound is just average
  • 40-inches is too small for a 4K
  • Limited viewing angle

Even though this TV is available in 3 sizes, only the 40-inch is recommended as the 49 and 55-inch struggle to deliver contrast.

The 40-inch however is a really appealing because of its sub 500 price. It's 4K screen produces sharp, clean pictures which has an assured contrast performance. Whilst the colours look bold and punchy they also surprisingly subtle.