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Travel time. What is the UK ban on taking electronics onto a flight?

Travel time. What is the UK ban on taking electronics onto a flight?

It is important to understand the new regulations as the peak holiday season is upon us. These new measures have been introduced by UK Government for security measures. Now people on certain flights won’t be able to take on board laptops or other large electronic devices such as iPads, cameras and tablets – instead they will need to be placed in the hold.

Countries and flights affected

Inbound flights to the UK from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia will all be affected – this also includes internal transfers. The airlines who are part of this ban include:-

  • · British Airways
  • · EasyJet
  • ·
  • · Monarch
  • · Thomas Cook
  • · Thomson

Overseas airlines include:-

  • · Turkish Airlines
  • · Pegasus Airways
  • · Atlas-Global Airlines
  • · Middle East Airlines
  • · Egypt Air
  • · Royal Jordanian
  • · Tunis Air
  • · Saudia

Included in the ban

This affects electronic devices which are larger than 16cm by 9.3cm by 1.5cm. Laptops, games consoles, tablets, e-readers, iPads, in fact anything electrical are all included in the ban.

Are phones included

In simple terms yes they are if they are fit into the dimensions shown above. If the phone is smaller then you will be ok to take it on board. This includes most smart phones such as the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 which are still both eligible to travel in your cabin baggage.

Where should electronic devices go

If they don’t fit within the dimensions then they need to be packed in your hold luggage. This is the rule as it is seen that it is more difficult for a potential bomber to detonate a device that is not with them. If a bomb were to go off in the hold it would be bad but not necessarily catastrophic.

Duty Free

It is expected that it will apply to devices bought in duty free so check with your airline to be sure.