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Budget Post-Christmas Gadgets

Budget Post-Christmas Gadgets

Money left in January – grab a budget gadget

Logitech UE Roll 2 - £55.57 - £59.99

A funky little Bluetooth speaker which also looks good. Not only is it compact but it is waterproof and for its size, gives out a great sound. The battery life is decent which means that you can take it out on day trips and evening jaunts. To make sure you don’t lose it on your adventures it comes equipped with a bungee cord and even more funky, comes complete with an inflatable life preserver that allows it to float in water, nifty! Downside is that it doesn’t have speakerphone capabilities but a great budget speaker with some cool add ons.

Breville VKJ367 Brita Filter Hot Cup - £64.94 - £69.00

An attractive and fairly compact hot water provider. Compared with previous models this comes with a variable dispense allowing you to control the amount of hot water you take and also has an inbuilt filter. It is easy to set up, no pre-soaking of filters although to get the best taste you need to discard the first couple of cups that you make. You need to be aware that the top chamber requires constant filling of water to ensure when you go to use it you can get your cup of tea of which you can choose from 9 different cup sizes. It lights up with a stylish blue light when you turn it on and then a few seconds later you hear the water beginning to boil with it being dispensed after about 35 seconds with a full mug being delivered in about 45 seconds. Quick and easy to use and a nice stylish addition to the kitchen.

Pelican 3310 - £69.99 - £131.83

At some time we all need to use a torch and usually when there is not much light and you have to negotiate around looking for one in the dark. The large majority of torches are black or certainly dark colours which makes this extremely challenging. This great little torch is the answer. It incorporates photo luminescent technology which emits a bright glow. This makes it highly visible in pitch black environments making sure you will never lose or not be able to find your torch again. It has a run time of 190 hours as the new 3310PL LED proves to be invaluable in the length of time the torch lasts.

Anki Supertrucks - £54.99 - £59.99

Supertrucks is the new release of remote control vehicles from Anki for tracks. Controlled using infrared camera sensors scanning as they go which ensure that they stay on track. Niftily they are controlled by using Bluetooth or WiFi by smartphones – iOS or Android. The racing experience is brought more to life with lights on the trucks and virtualized weapons allowing you to knock out opponents. The trucks are a bit slower than the cars but only to get going but when they do, there is no stopping them. As you race them they build up their charge to enable you to get a burst of speed. All in all they provide car bashing fun!

AfterShokz Gamez - £80.73

An innovate set of headphones. The Bluetooth 4.0 on the headphones gives a 30ft range which is great if you are wandering around the house or garden whilst they also support many of the latest Bluetooth audio profiles. They claim that the headphones offer upto 6 hours of playback before they need to be charged. The only disappointing thing is that they currently only come in metallic green, although earlier models come in a range of colours. Their technology is great creating a brilliant listening experience and they come with a 2 year warranty peace of mind.

Guardzilla HD Video Security System - £98.99

This security system is super easy to install which is a must if doing it yourself. It’s a unique system that offers motions detection, two-way audio and live video monitoring. In addition you can set it up for push email and text notifications. What is a great add on is that it can also take a series of motion-triggered snapshots and video clips and store them on an SD card. It looks good and not like a traditional camera and comes complete with a motion sensor, microphone, a small but loud speaker and a slot for the micro SD that you need to provide yourself. One downfall is that it doesn’t support pan, tilt or zoom and has a fairly low resolution but for the budget price it’s a solid option for home security that you can install yourself.