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Using Freeview+

Freeview+ is a hard disk digital TV recorder that enables you to easily record all of your favourite Freeview television programmes that are available in your area.

To record

You can record up to seven days in advance on all Freeview+ recorders! Using the Arrow Keys on your remote control, highlight the programme that you want to record on the TV Guide screen.  Press the Select button and the record option will be displayed.  If the programme is part of a series, an option may also be displayed to automatically record the next programme in the series to save you having to record each programme separately when it is shown.

To pause

Press the Pause button on the remote control to pause live TV; to resume the programme, press the Play button.

To rewind

If you press the Rewind button, the programme that you are watching will rewind so that you can watch it again!