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Retuning Your Equipment

It is advisable to retune your digital box every couple of months as new channels are launched on Freeview from time to time, including updates to the service.  Although some digital boxes will retune automatically the majority will need to be retuned manually.  This process will vary between boxes from different manufacturers but on the whole it is a simple process.

Step 1

Press menu on your remote control for your box.

Step 2

Select set-up, installation, update or whatever option is similar. You may be asked for a password, if you are the default code is 1234 or could be 0000.

Step 3

Select the ‘first time installation’ option (could be called 'factory reset', 'full retune’ or 'default settings'). Press 'OK' if your equipment asks if it is ok to delete existing channels. By doing this it will clear your existing settings which will result in it finding the new channel line-up. If you are prompted to do so then save the channels that are found.

Your channel favourites and scheduled recordings may have been deleted so check and if necessary reset these.