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Public WiFi Accreditation Scheme

We bet most of you will be familiar with the term WiFi, after all millions of us use WiFi every day at home, in the office and at school to connect to the internet wirelessly. Using WiFi means you don't have to plug a cable into a laptop, a tablet, a phone or a games console to get online and surf the net, WiFi lets you and your family connect to the internet at the same time in different rooms and on different devices, meaning there are no fights over who's hogging the internet.

But what about WiFi in public places?

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Next time you're out shopping, eating, dancing, or simply walking about town, take a look at how many places on the high street advertise in their shop windows that that they provide free WiFi…that's right there's hundreds!! Shops, restaurants, cafés, cinemas, pubs, zoos, department stores and buses are all shouting about their free WiFi.

Public WiFi is the same as the WiFi we use at home except there's just lots more people using the same connection at any one time. With so many places letting you access the internet it's really important that businesses in charge of letting you use their public WiFi take the right steps to protect you, your friends, your children and any forward thinking pets from seeing upsetting, disturbing and generally not very nice images, videos or websites. It's important that when you use public WiFi to access the internet that you feel safe and remain safe online.

This is where Friendly WiFi comes in!

For children and young people; Friendly WiFi means you are able to make a smart choice about your own online safety. Wherever and whenever you see the colourful Friendly WiFi symbol displayed on the high street, whether it's in your favourite café, restaurant or shop you can be assured that the public WiFi that they provide has been checked and verified so that pornography and child abuse websites are blocked.

For parents; Friendly WiFi offers you peace of mind and a helping hand in the sometimes confusing digital world. Make sure your kids stay safe online when they're out and about by working with us to help educate them to always make the right choice and only use public WiFi services which display the Friendly WiFi symbol. If a shop, restaurant or café display the symbol then you know that inappropriate websites that contain pornography and child abuse images and videos have been blocked.

For teachers; the colourful 'Friendly WiFi' symbol is a simple and straight forward educational and navigational tool that allows you demonstrate to children and young people the best ways to stay safe when connected. The Friendly WiFi team are working in partnership with educational bodies in the UK to develop literature to be used in schools and colleges.

'Friendly Wifi' - Public WiFi Licensing Scheme

During the summer of 2013, the Prime Minister; David Cameron announced that a commitment had been made with the UK's main WiFi Providers that their standard public WiFi offering will automatically filter the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) list and also include filters to block pornography, by the end of August 2013.

This will help prevent children and young adults from accessing inappropriate pornographic material themselves, and should also limit accidental exposure to inappropriate material that nearby adults might be looking at in public. Filtering work is now compete and the idea of a Friendly WiFi symbol and scheme were developed to promote the good work that has already been carried out to protect public WiFi users online.

Retailers, restaurants, hoteliers, transport companies and any other businesses offering public WiFi can now sign up to the new scheme for less than £30 per year* (per venue) and can display the 'Friendly WiFi' symbol to show their customers that the WiFi provided by them is filtered and safe for children and young people to use.

* Example cost for venues up to 1500 sqft

'Friendly WiFi Symbol'

The 'Friendly WiFi' symbol is available to any business providing public WiFi, who are committed to supporting the need for safeguarding online content. The 'Friendly WiFi' symbol is displayed by each business signed up to the Friendly WiFi scheme and appears either on their landing page as you sign into their public WiFi, or is visible on signage within the venue.

Wherever this symbol is displayed on site or online, parents and young people can be assured that the business's displaying the symbol have the correct filters in place and their public WiFi service is safe to use.

Friendly Wifi News

Safer Internet Day 2016

SID 2016 Highlights

The day started with over 4 million reached by the Thunderclap an incredible 1,139 supporters got involved in the day - including over 750 schools - up from 865 supporters in 2015.The Education Packs and SID TV films were accessed thousands of times by schools and others around the UK.

On Safer Internet Day the UK Safer Internet Centre took a group of young people to Number 10 Downing Street. Later that day the young people were involved at an event at the BT Centre in London where they shared their perspectives alongside experts and Ministers.

The UK Safer Internet Centre launched a report, Creating a Better Internet for All, about young people's experiences of online empowerment and online hate.

Well done from the team at Friendly WiFi!

Friendly WiFi launches at its first location in Western Australia

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Friendly WiFi launches at its first location in Western Australia

Through a new partnership with Net-worxs Software, Friendly WiFi now has the ability to offer the accreditation service throughout Australia, bringing the colourful symbol to the forefront, helping children and young people to recognise venues who support the need to protect children online.Net-worxs Software is proud to announce it has…

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