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4G TV Interference & Filter Installation

Many people have asked us "what is 4G?" and "what will 4G mean for me?" 4G or "Fourth Generation" is the new superfast mobile broadband that will begin transmitting in the UK later this year. The new 4G network will give us unparalleled access to the internet on the go whilst using 4G enabled mobile phones, making browsing the internet and downloading faster than it has ever been.

Later this year 4G mobile signals will begin transmitting on the same channels that broadcast Freeview signals. This may cause issues with 4G TV interference for Freeview users in particular 4G areas of the UK. Freeview customers may experience total or partial loss of picture, loss of sound or static interference.

RDI engineers with the 4G skill set on getmedigital have been fully trained and know how to rectify any issues surrounding 4G interruptions to Freeview viewing. Whether 4G does or doesn't affect you will depend on where you live in the UK. To be sure you are receiving the best possible advice on Freeview and 4G you should always call in a professional RDI 4G Installer in order to diagnose any digital TV problems you are experiencing.

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