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The new way to take selfies

Pretty much everyone in this day and age has taken a selfie, we have even seen the selfie stick to help take one. Well now we have this.

It is called the ROAM-e and it is a mix of a selfie stick and a drone. The ROAM-e was made by an Australian tech company called IoT Group.

The stick is tethered to your smartphone to take the photos, but it also comes with two rotor blades that allow it to fly away from you and get a wider shot.

It features facial recognition technology for people up to 25 meters away, as well as the ability to stream live video for 20 minutes or capture 360-degree panoramas.

The ROAM-e is available to pre-order, but it won't begin shipping until June this year. Availability hasn't been announced yet outside of Australia, where it costs AU$349 (about £185).

To see more about the ROAM-e click here

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Category: What's New
Date: 20th April 2016
The new way to take selfies

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