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Smart ice cubes – tell bar staff to order you another drink

Internet of Things (IOT) is a term that consumers are seeing more and more, very much in relation to inhome technology, phones and cars. Ever increasing is the term IOT being used for fridges and other lifestyle products and how we can receive alerts for pretty much everything in our lives from switching the heating on before we get home, having the lights on when we walk in to create a more homely feeling to walking in to hearing our favourite Friday night playlist humming in the background.

Well the IOT could be on its way to follow you on a night out with friends and create an innovative way of you enjoying your night out with friends. The concept is simple yet effective. Quite simply, you walk into a bar; order your Friday night tipple of choice, the barman places a Smart Cube in your drink. This 3D printed ice cube shaped device, floats around in your drink, at the point you finish your drink, the cube detects the lack of liquid and alerts the bar staff, ordering you a fresh drink.

Based on Apple’s iBeacon technology, it broadcasts a notification to nearby devices to create the alert that a fresh drink is required. In this case, two liquid sensors recognise when they’re no longer submerged, triggering the order. The temperature of the cube is kept cool by a technology built by Nasa whilst staying buoyant. It also tells the bar staff an indication of how far the drink is away from the bar.

Further thoughts are that the sensor could advise on how much alcohol has been consumed, an option for customers to keep track on how much they are drinking and also which could be an important feature, an alert to show if the drink has been tampered with.

A really cool idea!!

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Category: What's New
Date: 19th September 2016
Smart ice cubes – tell bar staff to order you another drink

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