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New colours for iPhone XR

Recent inside sources have been seen to rumour that the next batch of Apple Phones being released to replace the iPhone XR will be in different colours. The colours being talked about are green and lavender which will feature in the six colour menu that will be available when the iPhone XR 2 arrives in September.

This supports the hints about the availability of silicone cases also coming with the premium iPhones this year – white, black, spearmint, yellow, red and lilac are the colours being talked about that will be the options available.

Another exiting snippet of news is that the new phone will come with an extra lens on its camera too which would make is a dual-lens snapper. This means to users that it will be capable of taking proper portrait photos and matching the 2x optical zoom already available on more expensive phones.

They are just rumours and we will have to wait to see for sure when the phone is released in September.

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Category: What's New
Date: 20th May 2019
New colours for iPhone XR

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