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Nest thermostat comes to the UK

Recently the new Nest thermostat has gone on sale in the UK. It looks similar to other models but is has some unique features.

This model is a bit bigger and sharper, also the device its self is slimmer. Some of its new features are actually very inventive, my favourite new feature is called the Farsight, this feature changes what is displayed on the screen depending on how far away you are standing. You can change the Farsight settings to show target temprature, analogue clock or digital clock. So for example if you were standing up to 20 feet away the nest will pick it up and display the time or temperature.

Nest also logs your daily schedule, so if you turn down your heating on the way to bed, Nest will record this and start building a schedule. The nest Thermostat automatically adapts with your life changes. You just use it for a week and it programs itself.

Nest even knows when you are away at work with auto-away and nest will turn down your heating to save energy.

On the phone app you can view how much energy you have used, how much you have saved and what days you use the most energy.

The UK Nest has some features that the American one doesn't, one of these is called Heat Link. Heat Link lets you control your hot water schedule from your phone or thermostat. Another exclusive feature is advanced modulation, which gives the Nest greater control over compatible boilers, which should make it more efficient and hence cheaper to run.

The Nest thermostat is on sale now for £179, or £249 with professional installation. Just in time for the winter.

To see more about Nest click here

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Category: What's New
Date: 21st December 2015
Nest thermostat comes to the UK

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