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Modular phones are coming soon

Everything started in September 2013 when a Dutch designer Dave Hakkens created Phonebloks and placed a video on Youtube.

After the video had been released, Phonebloks decided to be associated with Motorola to create the first modular phone. Motorola Mobility was already on a secret modular phone project but they didn't know that a lot of people could be interested to purchase one. The Phonebloks project disappeared and became 'Project Ara'. Motorala Mobility was Google property at this moment. In 2014 Google sold Motorola Mobility to Lenovo but Google retained the Advanced Technologies & Projects unit, and all but 2000 of the company's patents. Dave Hakkens who has launched the Phonebloks campaign, did a lot of communication about the ecological imprint to create a modular phone and the fact that it would struggle against the planned obsolescence by companies. A lot of famous people like Will.I.Am and Edward Snowden have been impressed by the idea of a modular phone by Phonebloks.

Before this 'Project Ara', in 2008 an Israeli company called Modu had presented a modular phone but in 2011 the company became bankrupt. All patents have been bought by an American company called … Google. So the Modu patents are maybe the beginning of the 'Project Ara'.

Today, some companies are trying to launch the first modular phone such as Fonkraft. You can already pre-order your phone on Indiegogo or give a contribution to the company. But for the moment we have just 3D images in waiting for the first video from Fonkraft.

To be continued…

Here is a video of the 'Project Ara' prototype demo made by Paul Eremenko, the head of 'Project Ara'.

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Date: 30th April 2015
Modular phones are coming soon

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