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Mobile Payment System

Mobile payment system is a new market for Apple, Google, Paypal and Microsoft.

All these companies want that its smartphone customers can pay with their payment system. The system works through near-field

communication (NFC), a technology which allow users to make purchases with their NFC devices (Smartphones, Tablets and Watches).

The first entering in the market was Google with its Google Wallet launched in 2011 for Android user. Apple added the NFC technology in their new Iphone 6 and 6 Plus to pay through Apple Pay. Already more than 50 big companies offer to their customers to pay with Apple Pay like Starbucks. But most people don't know where they can use Google Wallet to pay for their purchases whereas Apple users know. Anyway the system is just available in the USA for the moment and most of Apple Pay users who tried the system one time said that the merchant terminal took too long to record the transaction and that the sales staff were unfamiliar with Apple Pay and unable to help. Apple work on these problems but most of people are not convinced by their payment system. Companies have to offer a good product to have a guaranteed success in the mobile payment market!

When is it coming in the UK? For the moment we don't know but with the coming of the Apple Watch on April 24, it could be soon.

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Category: What's New
Date: 10th April 2015
Mobile Payment System

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