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London’s first driverless cars

One of the newest tech trends is autonomous motoring. Self-driving cars will be hitting the London roads soon. The self-driving cars are going to be based on the shuttle pods that are currently used at Heathrow airport

The adapted vehicles will be involved in limited trials in Greenwich as part of the GATEway project, led by the UK's Transport Research Laboratory

There are three firms working on the vehicles, Westfield Sportscars, Heathrow Enterprises and Oxbotica. The firms are working together to adapt the Heathrow UltraPODS for use on real streets. The project is expected to cost around eight million pounds. The testing of the project will begin in July for three months.

The makers of the pods at Heathrow have said that the pods have transported 1.5 million passengers in the last five years, and have covered 1.8 million miles.

At first only a select number of invited passengers will be able to hop on board, but the pods are going to be open to the general public before the end of their trial run.

The electric cars are connected to the cloud and report their position at all times to avoid crashing into one another.

The routes are going to link residential areas, local businesses and transport hubs, helping people who live in London get from one place to another without having to be behind the wheel.

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Category: What's New
Date: 4th February 2016
London’s first driverless cars

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