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Freightliner Inspiration

This is the world's first street-legal self-driving truck. Called the Inspiration Truck, it's made by Freightliner, which is owned by automotive giant Daimler. It could save lives and prevent accidents by eliminating driver fatigue.

The idea behind the self-driving truck is not to fill the motorways with them and replace truck drivers, it is designed so that the truck can take over from drivers when they get tired.

The truck was first shown in May and now for the first time the truck has been tested on a public road.

Daimler Trucks fitted its Highway Pilot self-driving system to a Mercedes-Benz Actros truck and sent it out on the Autobahn 8 near Stuttgart in Germany.

Self-Driving trucks are said to be much safer as they eliminate human error. Not only that, the truck is also a lot more efficient at changing gears, accelerating and braking. Which means it uses a lot less fuel and gives off less carbon emissions.

Daimler's system uses a short-range radar that reads the truck's surroundings up to 70m away, while a long-range unit scans up to 250m away. These work with Active Cruise Control and Active Brake Assist, and a camera that identifies road markings and guides steering.

However, the driver must stay alert at all times, and be ready to take control when necessary.

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Date: 9th October 2015
Freightliner Inspiration

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