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Connected Home plug

The latest gadget to hit the shops is a life saver for those of us of a more forgetful nature, who constantly try to remember if they’ve switched off the iron or hair straightners.

The WeMo Wi-Fi power socket uses either an apple ios or an android app to take control of the power supply. It lets you turn the plug off or on from wherever you are in the world. Not only that but it can tell you how long the plug had been switched on for and the amount of electricity that it has used.

As we enter the age of the Connected Home it’s more important than ever to understand what these smart appliances can do for us, this plug has the ability to let you know if the washing machine has finished or how much electricity an appliance has used.  Which in turn can help us monitor our family’s usage. This new smartplug will be able to tell you how much TV your kids have been watching or how long they have been on the computer.

The WeMo socket uses an online website IfThisThenThat (, to further activate usage limits. If you want to cut off the power supply to either an Xbox or a home PC you can set up the timer to go off after a certain time.

The WeMe costs £50 and is due to hit shops in December, at

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Category: What's New
Date: 9th September 2013
Connected Home plug

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