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Check out the Brydge

iPad Keyboard 'The Brydge' (with integrated speaker system) from £99.95 - £119.95. To buy call 0800 130 3131 or email

Product overview

The ‘Brydge’ is an attachable lightweight high end keyboard that can be secured to either an iPad2, iPad 3 or iPad 4 device. The addition of the Brydge keyboard automatically turns any of the Apple products listed above into what looks and feels like a functioning Macbook Air.

The Brydge keyboard has the option of coming with high quality speakers which can be paired quickly through its Bluetooth functionality. The Brydge Bluetooth keyboard comes with a USB charging cable, a quick start guide to get you going and a selection of iPad 2 rubber shims and iPad 3/4 rubber shims (shims are what are used to secure the keyboard).

Product Design

This product has a high quality feel about it, it’s been crafted from aluminium and whilst it feels solid it is light enough to carry around. The Brydge uses two heavy duty silicone holders/hinges to keep your device in place and to stop it moving about. Underneath it has four rubber pads to ensure that the product doesn’t slide on whatever surface it’s placed on. The black keys have a classic Macbook Air design to them although they are slightly smaller, they are tactile whilst not being over sensitive.

Ease of setup

The Brydge has a pretty straight forward setup.  First you need to flip the switch on the side of the micro USB port to turn it on. You’ll know you’ve done this right if you see the switch turn blue (it will stay blue if low on battery) to charge its batteries using the micro USB cable, you need to pair it with the iPad via Bluetooth. The switch will turn red when it’s charging and will turn off once it’s fully charged. To use the speakers you have to toggle them on and off by holding down the Control and B keys till you hear a tone.

Usability of product

This is a great straight forward product and easy to set up. If you’re looking to improve your iPad and its usability then this is the right gadget for you.

Cost of product

The Brydge has been flown in from San Francisco and retails through Avonline who only have a limited number of products. The Brydge starts from only £99.95 (without speakers). It becomes more expensive if you want the added features of speakers and this it will set you back just £119.95.

Key selling point

There are a few other keyboards currently on the market however the Brydge is easily one of the best designed iPad keyboards in look and style. It is lightweight and comfortable to use on the go. All in all this is a quality product and a great present for that gadget loving person in your family.

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Category: What's New
Date: 31st December 2013
Check out the Brydge

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