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Bluetooth 5

The group in charge of Bluetooth development has announced that the 5 specification of the technology is going to be unveiled this week, on the 16 June. Shortly afterwards, it should start finding its way into your phones, laptops and car stereos.

Developers say that Bluetooth 5 is going to be two times faster which means it will be able to have a maximum throughput of about 2Mbps

Also it is going to work from further away which I always found was the biggest problem, but now you should be able to go around 300 meters away and still have a stable connection to your blue tooth device.

The only downfall is that for some devices you will need a new chip to get the latest Bluetooth, it will still work with old devices but you won't be able to have the extra performance.

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Category: What's New
Date: 13th June 2016
Bluetooth 5

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