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Apple iPhone 8 – what we know so far

As we know the world moves quickly in the eye of Apple and there are already now snippets of information about the iPhone 8. Judging from previous launches and industry sources, the production and development of the next model is well underway. Obviously, no-one can be concrete in information but it’s always good to get an insight into some of the leaks of information.

What is known so far makes interesting reading. First suggestions expects the new phone to be all-glass. It is likely still to have a metal frame around its middle but early sources are pointing towards a glass front and design, in touch glass. It is rumoured that a reasonable glass solution would be to sheath it in Phire, a new scratch resistant material being developed by Gorilla Glass makers Corning.

The shape and size of the display is always one of the biggest speculations and there is growing evidence that the display will be curved in some way whether at the edges or entirely. We have heard it before with Apple but this could now be the time with Samsung’s Edge hardware.

However, based on the new MacBook Pro, it is talked about that there will be secondary displays on the device’s edge, expecting to see one single display, which will be split into two “parts” through software – a 5.15in main screen, and a smaller secondary “function area” beneath it. Sources also say that the screen will move from its current LCD tech to some form of OLED for its display.

As if the iPhones aren’t expensive enough, it is expected that the iPhone 8 will be expensive and the most expensive yet. Reports suggest that the AMOLED screens that Apple are expected to use cost more produce than the iPhone 7’s LCD display. It is Apple’s drive to use the 3D Touch with AMOLED that is proving trickier than with the LCD that could bump the cost up to over $1000 when the phone eventually arrives.

An exciting addition is meant to be the wireless charging and they have been puzzling on how to achieve wireless charging from greater distances than the current haul of docks and mats. This would be one long overdue.

If we believe several sources the home button could disappear completely. First information suggests that this will be achieved by a fingerprint scanner being built into the actual glass which would fit with all the glass rumour as well as suggestions that the bezels on the new iPhone will be far smaller – though it would also require an iOS re-design to add a digital home button.

Other general rumours say that the iPhone will come in two additional colours – red and blue and according to some a 4.7in device, a 5in device and a 5.5in device and also the uncertainty of what it will be called!

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Date: 28th March 2017
Apple iPhone 8 – what we know so far

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