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Apple X - What do we think?

Initial feedback since the Apple X iPhone was launched has been great with many rave reviews. It is a huge leap forward for Apple and some say that it was a big risk, but the general consensus is that their leap of faith paid off.

The stance was that the iPhone X would be all about premium parts and an all-new experience. The risks came by losing the so familiar home button and the touch ID finger print scanner plus new ways of navigation. Apple had already taken a big risk the year before by removing the headphone jack – maybe this gave the confidence to go one step further.

Consumers have been demanding something new, away from the tired design and well-known methods of use. Thinking about the price is pointless, it is without a doubt the most expensive smart phone available but with some great deals available – this is expected not to be deterrent.

All the features are receiving great reviews: -

• Best screen on an iPhone to date providing clear and vibrant colours, providing great sharpness and quality viewing.

• The screen fills the whole screen giving you the view of a larger phone without a cumbersome larger phone.

• Deeper blacks and more blinding whites makes photos and viewing websites so much better.

• With the new phone being ‘bezel-less’ it makes for a great user experience and smooth operation.

• The jury is out on the notch which has been taken out at the top of the screen for the newly positioned camera but it doesn’t detract from the use just a slight irritant in landscape mode.

• The phone provides the ability to watch movies in HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats making a viewing experience second to none especially coupled with the OLED display.

For a risk taken by Apple, it seems to have paid off and it is exciting to see what new models based on the iPhone X will emerge in 2018.

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Category: What's New
Date: 7th December 2017
Apple X - What do we think?

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