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3D-printed house designed for life on Mars

3D-printed house designed for life on Mars

3D printing company Fabulous teamed-up with scientists and architects to lend a bit of help to this 3D-printed Martian house project.

This is a house that essentially builds itself, starting off as a rod drilled deep into Mars’s crust. The house is roughly 50 per cent underground.

This rod then becomes the base for two mechanical arms, which use the iron oxide in the planet’s crust to actually print the shell of the building. These arms will also gather permafrost from the surface to create a 30cm outer water layer, to stop our martian from being fried by solar radiation.

A spiral staircase joins the two floors, the bottom featuring beds that drop out of the ceiling in very 2001: A Space Odyssey fashion. On the main floor you get a couple of workstations that, at a push, could double as a breakfast bar, while a top mezzanine layer lets you grow plants. After all, Mars isn’t the most hospitable place for crops.

Sfero was designed in response to NASA’s open request for 3D printed house designs, for which there is a $50,000 (£32,500) prize. It asked for designs “for Earth and beyond”, and perhaps gets even more than it was expecting with Sfero.

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Date: 17th September 2015
3D-printed house designed for life on Mars

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