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Casey, a brilliant and optimist teenager, gifted with a big scientific curiosity meets Franck, a man who has been a genius inventor, to get involved an embark on a dangerous mission that exist in their collective memories. Their aim: discover the secrets of a mysterious place called Tomorrowland, a place where space and time seem to exist just in their common mind… What they will do in this world, will change the world forever and their own destiny.


Tomorrowland is the new Disney production. The director is Brad Bird who had been designated to undertake 'Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens', but refused to undertake the Tomorrowland movie. This movie takes its inspiration from Walt Disney World Resort, some scenes have been filmed in some attractions of the Floridian amusement park. There is similarity between the story of Tomorrowland and those of The Chronicles of Narnia, where the main characters come from our world and they are sent into a parallel fantastic world. It's one of the most expected movies of 2015 and it will be suitable for parents and kids.

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Game Night

Max and Annie played by Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams, ...

Category: Movie Reviews
Date: 14th May 2015

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