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The Girl on the Train

Making films from books is always a challenge in ensuring it follows and transmits the story and spirit from the book, to wowing the book fans through to attracting film fanatics, Girl on the Train was definitely not free from these challenges.

Fans of the book have been a little lost in the loss of the story from book to screen and even more so in the setting of the film being in New York and not London. For those who haven't read the book will find the quality of the film good and the script entertaining. It depicts an endearing heroine whose plain look and believable character delivers an air of mystery and intrigue.

In shock from her divorce from Tom (Justin Theroux), Rachel played well by Blunt, spends her day traveling the picturesque Hudson line into the city whilst passing through a leafy, upmarket suburb. Here Anna (Rebecca Ferguson) is busy bringing up her daughter from Rachel's ex-husband. Wanting to recover from her divorce and get over the trauma, Rachel try's to avert her gaze from the house where she once lived and instead focus on the house next door where the glamorous residents appear to be staging theatrical acts of love for her viewing pleasure. This is until one day when she witnesses something that cuts across her own little fantasies.

When Hayley Bennett's alluring Megan goes AWOL, Rachel quickly introduces herself to the handsome Scott (Luke Evans), portraying that she is an old friend that has crucial information. The intrigue is, do her own lapses of memory hide a guiltier secret? The film has strong twists and turns and Rachel's mystery gives the film of an erotic thriller with throws of Basic Instinct and Jagged Edge – making it a film you just have to sit and watch.

Emily Blunt holds the film together and without her it would a challenge to watch and enjoy as she delivers a mesmerising adaptation of the character. The retention of her English accent gives the film an edge and provides for a scarier character in Rachel and makes her disruptive character addictive. Watch the film and then read the book would be my recommendation.

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Date: 4th November 2016
The Girl on the Train

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