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Review of film Arrival

Not usually in to Sci Fi films, I found this one to be entertaining and enjoyable to watch. In essence it is an alien invasion film with the invasion on pause. It appears on pause as alien ships seem to appear randomly at selected points around the globe and then just hang there, leaving a question mark over what is their purpose and plan.

US Military enlist Dr Louise Banks (Amy Adams) who is an expert linguist and get her to travel to one of their landing sites in rural Montana. The US strategy to send someone who can firstly work out how to ask aliens a question why they’re here and who can secondly understand their answer.

What sets the tone for the film ahead is when Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker) plays Dr Louise a recording in her study that sounds like the subquatic creaking of a shipwreck. Her response is flickers of tears and intellectual curiosity, followed by a questions of “Did they have mouths?” This all sets the scene for when Dr Louise is taken by helicopter to ship where she witnesses a flesh prickling bass note and a half blown melody line that seems to exist outside of any earthly time signature.

The film is full of twists and turns and engaging to watch when the aliens come face to face with Dr Louise and her team. It’s definitely entertaining and well worth watching.

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Date: 2nd December 2016
Review of film Arrival

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