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Passengers is a highly entertaining film and different to most films that I have seen before. Obviously easy on the eye to watch for men with Jennifer Lawrence and with Chris Pratt for the ladies. The chemistry between the two actors is strong and makes the film believable and they definitively bring the slightly lame story line to life.

The film follows the storyline of a mega space ship full of passengers, all emigrating earth to start a new life on a far off planet called Homestead II. All of the 5000 passengers are travelling whilst asleep in a suspended animation for the journey which is to take 130 years. The first character to wake is the ordinary engineering guy Jim Preston (played by Chris Pratt). The space ship, which is designed a bit like a DNA helical corkscrew is sent almost spinning out of total control as it enters a meteor, taking a beating and sending shockwaves through the ship. This causes the accidental opening of one of the pods, containing Jim Preston.

The opening of his pod, triggers the space ship's auto support systems which come to life as Jim wanders around the huge space ship in confusion which quickly turns into panic when he finds out that he has woken 90 years too early. He cannot enter hibernation again and has no access to information or help which is of any use. The only company that Jim has is an android bartender which provides limited conversation and company, although makes great drinks!

Jim becomes stricken with loneliness and feeling desolate he mopes around the other pods reading about their inhabitants resulting in him falling in love with one of the passengers – journalist Aurora Lane (played by Jennifer Lawrence). Jim plays her autobiography-vid blogs archived on the ship's computer database. He feels like he knows her and starts to think that he could prise open her pod, wake her up and pretend that it was all a malfunction. Could he really condemn her to his terrible fate?

Jim tells the android bartender Arthur, all about his thoughts and that he definitely couldn't bring this fate on this fellow passenger who he has fallen in love with. He fights with himself and Jim eventually opens the pod and wakes up Aurora. She has a tough job coming to terms with the early awakening and occupies herself with fitness and the half-naked glimpses of Aurora concretes Jim's feelings for her which she reciprocates with the same stealed glances at Jim's body.

The film becomes the love story of the awake passengers who also strive to find a solution for survival until they reach their destination. The ship starts to fail around them and subsequently a member of the crew wakes up, although as soon as he is awake he is also dying. He however before this happens, tells them the ship is malfunctioning and will blow up unless they follow his instructions to save the ship. They both take on this dramatic challenge filmed with expertise, however, they save the ship but it doesn't provide the happy ending that they were looking for.

The film for me ends abruptly, quickly moving to when all the passengers wake up when they should, to find that he ship has been transformed by the two fated passengers who appeared to turn the ship into an oasis. They are long gone leaving so many years of seeing them grow old together which would have added to the film enjoyment and story. Entertaining but a bit lack lustre at the end.

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