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​Bridget Jones – A flip or a flop!

I have been a lifelong fan of Bridget Jones, both film and book and have enjoyed each of her adventures. Being a similar age to the character, I can certainly relate to some of the mishaps and mistakes and this makes watching the films even funnier. What makes it more endearing and Bridget as a character is that with the hype of women in power and in control, we shouldn’t really like Bridget at all.

The release of the third film for me was long awaited, although with many I was a little apprehensive to see if it was as good the first two films. Well I can say that I wasn’t disappointed.

The centre of the story is about Bridget falling pregnant after two one night stands, too close together for to her figure out for sure who is father. True to the previous films, Bridget has been juggling men, although in this film it has caught her out this time resulting in a baby being on the way.

We still see her out and about in mad escapades leading up to the centre story of the film and her antics and funny misgivings are just as amusing and entertaining. Still working in TV and hanging out with her motley crew of friends, Bridget still has that warm and addictive personality. The film is upto date with Bridget’s taste in music bang up to date, even with a flash appearance from Ed Sheeran.

The film offers the sense of familiarity whilst offering something fresh, up to date and extremely funny. I was not disappointed at all and found it entertaining and funny and would recommend it all Bridget fans – definitely a flip!!

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Date: 19th September 2016
​Bridget Jones – A flip or a flop!

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