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Super Luigi U

New Super Luigi U may not offer new worlds or powers, but its emphasis on skill and precision makes it an excellent add-on to New Super Mario Bros U.

At first glance, New Super Luigi U looks like any other New Super Mario Bros. game, except you now control

Each level starts with the series' iconic 100-second warning, your first clue to the newly introduced time limit.

Although “old” features such as the world map, power-ups, themes, and visual assets remain, Luigi's physics and the level design at large rise to the top. Even though the arrangement of the elements is different to usual Mario games but in keeping with the games tradition, the placement of platforms, enemies, and runways is tailored to Luigi’s capabilities. For example 1UP mushrooms are often located in blocks near the start of most stages, and landing on the tops of flagpoles at the end of levels is easier than ever thanks to Luigi's enhanced jump.

Nintendo has done a good job of creating a "new" experience out of an old design. Similarly to old Mario games you are still on a quest to rescue Princess Peach, but the challenges along the way are different.

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Category: Game Reviews
Date: 26th July 2013
Super Luigi U

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