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Resident Evil 7

There are a lot of debates for which is the best game in the series, but the long awaited 7 manages to consistently impress. A game changer has been the move to the first person which completely re-writes the fundamental of the series, but it demonstrates exactly how a Resident Evil should be.

With Ethan battling the Bakers to save girlfriend Mia, this carries the same fear but in a different way, making it more fearful about what is around the corner, playing as the first person makes it more personal and therefore more fearful and sharper controls makes this even greater.

There is great sound design with this game with seemingly innocuous noises which now suddenly become really terrifying the deeper into the game that you get. It is really intelligent how Capcom scares the player. It seems to get the player comfortable by repetition and then uses this to create more suspense and scares. It builds you up with music as it rises and rises so when you get to opening a door you expect to be scared, it doesn’t happen, but this is the clever part as this now makes you not know when it will happen, adding to the scare factor by not knowing what to expect.

The noises behind you, bolts dropping onto the floor, pipes scraping on the floor means that you will constantly spin Ethan round 360degrees to try and find out what is coming. It creates the feeling of playing in a teen slasher movie in the best possible way where you are on the edge of your seat fearing the worst which comes when you least expect it. Moving through the rooms you come across some great fights and feature. One great new feature is the ability for Ethan to block which significantly reduces the damage taken from strikes.

To add to the sounds the visuals are stunning too with full 4K and HDR and it is immediately noticeable. Candles flicker with brightness whilst behind them is pitch black. The story is great and infectious and is drives you to want to discover more and this will make no 7 a real hit.

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Date: 25th January 2017
Resident Evil 7

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