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Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

Taking a beloved classic game and reinventing and bringing it up to date can be a risky proposition. Changing it too much can lose its nostalgic charm and retro feel, not changing it enough can turn the players into uninterested participants.

Bandai Namco have been balancing this with Pac-Man successfully for the past few years. 2007 saw Pac-Man Championship Edition take the simple maze template, creating new modes, challenges and map configurations complete with eye catching effects, creating the best arcade revamps.

Now the biggest enhancement and a quirky one is the ability for Pac-Man to be able to touch the ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde, not dying outright although bumping into the ghosts will eventually cause the ghosts to chase and kill Pac-Man on contact. Sleeping ghosts who wake up when Pac-Man is close is also new edition. They are the addition with enables high scores, when Pac-Man eats the power pill it allows him to devour the weakened spirits and can gobble up multiple ghosts in quick succession. The game switches to a cinematic 3D view during the feast allowing a great view and experience.

Boss battles are a new introduction which is great fun. Not attacking them directly but as they float above and below the board but through a series of maps and collecting every last piece of fruit. Final stages require Pac-Man to ear through enough dots to make a power pill appear. This final stage could be better and more interactive but is still enjoyable.

Bombs and bomb jumps provide the final twists of the new games. They give the ability to Pac-Man to get out of tight spots where he can press a quick button which will send him back to his starting point which is vital as he needs to change course to evade ghosts or catch floating fruit running away from him.

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Date: 19th September 2016
Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

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