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Mario Sports Superstars Review

Nintendo have always had a magic formula when it comes to gaming, add a few banana skins into go-karting or give an Italian plumber insane jumping skills and you’ve created an instant classic. It’s a skill that has given them their irresistible charm for some 30 years.

Therefore you would expect with a Mario themed sports game that you would see the classics of the likes of tennis and football presented with a fun new twist. Instead we have Mario Sport Superstars which has lost this magical touch. This is because it’s not a Nintendo game. Yes it has Mario’s face everywhere but its developers Bandai Namco and Camelot Studio Planning that are at the helm of this title, just can’t capture the magic of Nintendo.

The game has five different sports, football, tennis, baseball, golf and horse racing. You think that you are getting a bargain with five sports compared to previous games which just cover one sport but the horse racing and baseball for example just feel like fillers. After riding on the horse for a couple of rounds, you feel that you have seen and done everything.

On the extreme, tennis is a steep learning curve with a range of shots to master. It takes a number of heavy defeats to start to master curving the ball and lobbing.

The difference in quality across the games is obvious and they also vary massively in their difficulty, so it is hard to see who this game is aimed at.

Even though you can pick characters, the games feel watered down and when you enjoy one of the games you feel would you money have been best invested in buying a specific game. Football is enjoyable but lacks lustre. Baseball gets boring whilst the golf is certainly too intricate for younger players.

It just doesn’t feel like a Mario game at all, instead that Mario characters have been high-jacked into a very average sports game in order to appeal to the mass market.

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Date: 28th March 2017
Mario Sports Superstars Review

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