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Gears of War 4

With this release, they clearly know what have been the strengths of Gears of War’s previous games and totally capitalise on these strengths in a myriad of things. True to form the story follows JD Fenix who is the son of the series regular Marcus Fenix. In series 4 he battles a new subterranean threat and the coalition of Ordered Governments, since the original Gears of War trilogy an organisation that has taken a sinister turn. The younger Felix now travels with two new companions, Kait and Del, both as the game unfolds reveal family ties and backgrounds, making the game interesting.

The narrative at times seems predictable and sometimes forced, to date the series has always hidden a quality story and beneath its macho jargon and shallow jokes but for Gears of War 4, this appears to be missing. The romance that appears seems insincere and the humour irritating and the characters come across as if they don’t even care for each other – not much emotional substance at all.

The game is also slow and suffers from pacing and redundancy problems. It starts with simple enemies being thrown at JD and his gang as they battle on with conventional weapons in fairly boring situations. Unfortunately there are repeating scenarios over and over again but the most frustrating part is the lack of inspiration especially with the engaging scenarios that emerge. The game introduces several mini-bosses that demand a new approach the franchise’s tried-and-true combat and mitigate the feeling of deja-vu as the chapters pass.

Gears of 4 Horde mode is fantastic though. The new mini-bosses who arrive on the scene every 10th wave that pound you with artillery and or charge your position with claws raised, shattering all your plans. Horde now provides you with a fabricator, a portable station that lets you buy weapons and defences enabling you to build strongholds around the map, all through a currently called Power that drops when you kill your enemies. Horde brings lots of different features which you will enjoy.

Overall the game is ok with the Dodgeball mode being my favourite.

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Date: 4th November 2016
Gears of War 4

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