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Forza Horizon 3 – Game Review

Released today, the excitement of the game won't let you down. This isn't just a racing game; it's a huge playground for cars.

Horizon takes its name from a festival where enthusiasts go in their flocks to race cars, perform stunts and just enjoy the open road. Australia is the new backdrop to Forza Horizon 3 giving an attractive backdrop of beaches, forests, fields, city streets and true to Australia the Outback. It provides masses of different terrains to race multiple classes of cars to test your skill and in fierce competitions.

It's great fun where it is fantasy with no rules. Speed cameras are in place to reward you for speeding and where smashing into oncoming traffic goes unnoticed. Searching for unwanted cars gives you ownership – it's great!!

In this release the major difference is that you are in charge of the festival, enabling you to unlock new races and challenges giving choice and customisation. You are now the star and get to participate in everything as the festival leader with your only job to earn fans by competing in the challenges and of course winning races.

This is definitely the best of the Horizon games especially in scope, size and pure enjoyment with exceptional new features making driving cars more sensitive, realistic and with more tricks and stunts.

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Date: 27th September 2016
Forza Horizon 3 – Game Review

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