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E3 is here!!

So it's that time of year again where companies are showing off their work at E3 and so far it has been insane.

Not all us have the spare time to watch all of the E3 steams, usually I don't really bother watching any of it but this year it is unmissable and from what we have seen so far it has truly been worth the late nights.

Here we will be showing some of the main highlights of E3

First off let's start with EA. This year EA have really out done themselves and we have seen some amazing games in the line-up for the next few years. The full stream was very long but here is all of EA's stream put into 3 minutes of video.

In the video we see, the sequel to the epic Titan fall, we got a look at the stunning Madden NFL 17. The next game shown is Mass Effect Andromeda, if you haven't played any of the Mass Effect games, I recommend picking them up second hand, the Mass Effect series is one of my favourites and it does not disappoint.

FIFA is always an odd game, each year we see little change and a lot of people feel the days of the FIFA we all loved are over, until EA showed us their new FIFA 17 trailer. This year in FIFA the graphics, gameplay and game modes are changing FIFA and we cannot wait for it. EA have changed game engine this year and instead of using ignite, they have used frostbite and it looks amazing and I feel it will bring FIFA back to life.

Also big news for all the Star Wars fans out there as EA have shown off some early gameplay of Star Wars games that are to come out over the next few years.

At the end of the video is what we have all been waiting for, Battlefield 1 EA have turned back time and have made a world war 1 battlefield game. Battlefield 1 looks like it might take the top spot for first person shooter this year.

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Date: 13th June 2016
E3 is here!!

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