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​Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3


Return to the world of Crackdown, as envisaged by the original creator Dave Jones and in development with Cloudgine. Following the success of the critically acclaimed franchise for Xbox 360, take control of your superhero in over-the-top action with Crackdown on Xbox One. Enjoy all new cooperative or competitive experiences where the open world becomes part of your arsenal itself.

My review

I think that the Crackdown games are the best sandbox games around. I had so much fun playing the other two, and cannot wait for Crackdown 3. My favourite part of the Crackdown games is the co-op, I love being able to complete the missions with my friends. With Crackdown now on Xbox One I'm hoping to see a much bigger world to explore, with lots more to do.

One of the new features added to Crackdown 3 is the ability to destroy buildings, you can bring down pretty much any building and just enjoy watching the destruction. There is also new vehicles in the game, one of them even transforms.

I am also hoping it follows the same path as the other Crackdown games, where you had to find or earn orbs to level up different abilities, for example you had to find agility orbs to run quicker and jump higher, or to improve your strength you had to fight off enemies using melee attacks.

Unfortunately for people who don't have an Xbox One they will not be able to purchase this game, as it is an Xbox One exclusive.

There still isn't an exact release date yet but it is out this year. The game cost £42.99. To Pre-order Crackdown 3 click here

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Date: 12th August 2015
​Crackdown 3

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