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Battlefield Hardline

Electronic arts (EA) have taken a different route with this Battlefield, it is a completely different scene and atmosphere to the Battlefield games we are used to, but it is definitely worth getting. Battlefield Hardline isn't a military based game it has taken a different path where you are able to play as a police officer, in an exciting and action packed story mode giving you lots of different options of how to play. Personally, I enjoyed running through the missions all guns blazing, but EA have put in a very interesting and well-designed sneak mode, where you can navigate around enemies and arrest them without being detected, and without causing a full on fire fight.

Working with your partner to fight crime is about all I can say about the story, there isn't too much more I can say without spoiling it, all you need to know is there are a lot of unexpected plot twists and corruption in this game that will keep you wanting more.

The Battlefield series has always been popular for its huge multiplayer maps and servers, but with Hardline the multiplayer is a little disappointing compared to the others in the series although they have added a lot more game modes which make for hours of entertainment, the scale of the maps and the vehicles you can use are not as big or as fun as previous Battlefields games. I find the game very fast paced which keeps you on your toes and makes Hardline very fun. Overall it is a very enjoyable game, and hopefully there are more spin offs to the Battlefield series like this one in the years to come.

Battlefield Hardline is rated 18

Battlefield Hardline is available on

Xbox 360 - £49.99 click here to buy

Xbox One - £54.99 click here to buy

PS4 - £54.99 click here to buy

PS3 - £49.99 click here to buy

PC - £49.99 click here to buy

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Battlefield Hardline

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