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iPhone 7 cam versus Samsung Galaxy S7

There has been a lot of speculation as to whether the new iPhone 7 would provide a better camera than the much acclaimed camera with the Galaxy S7. Having tried them and read review after review, the Galaxy S7 still comes out o top. It was expected after Samsung knocking Apple off the top spot last year for camera quality that Apple would come back more than fighting with the release of the iPhone 7.

Undoubtedly the iPhone 7 has loads of talents that the Galaxy 7 doesn't; a telephoto lens which is a big deal as this provides a whole new kind of photo capability and no other device can currently match this. Also added is the bokeh effect which is meant to apply a blur or haze, although this hasn't been highly reviewed yet but again a first.

However, just in the head to head of taking picture the iPhone 7 stills lags behind to its close rival the Galaxy 7. The differences aren't overwhelming but they are significant enough to notice and influence customers:-

Both phones offer good quality images in bright sunlight.

Colour and contrast look good on both with the iPhone producing a more conservative saturation and contrast than the Galaxy.

Photos are similarly sharp with both phones with the Galaxy maybe just having the edge however, through the iPhone's telephoto lens, zoomed in photos are much sharper.

The telephoto lens advantage is that it's perspective is closer to a human eye so images look less distorted.

Apple's camera actively searches and adjusts its exposure and focus when it spots a face or body, so tends to make significant changes from photo to photo – a feature rather than a bug, although can seem a bit of overkill and mistake to add.

The Galaxy camera can focus a bit close than the iPhone can.

The biggest difference is the auto-focus.Samsung provide a lightning-fast auto-focus on the S7 and in comparison to the iPhone 7 whose seems clunky in comparison. The iPhone also appears to make more mistakes with this function and is less precise. A key factor for a camera.

The S7 is also great for capturing in mixed photographs, something in the dynamic range that the Apple does less well.

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Category: Digital Entertainment
Date: 19th September 2016
iPhone 7 cam versus Samsung Galaxy S7

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