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Wheels for your phone?

Sometimes I think tech makes us lazy, and this time it's gone a bit too far, but it's still a great invention. So you get a notification and your phone is just too far away to grab, so you've got to move to get it. Well not for long as researchers at the University of Tokyo may have created the perfect solution for you – putting your phone on wheels.

Researchers Takefumi Hiraki, Koya Narumi, Koji Yatani, and Yoshihiro Kawahara have created a phone accessory that sticks some wheels on the end of your phone as well as a computer that makes it move when you get a notification.

It means your phone will roll towards you when you're getting a phone call or, alternatively, away from you when your morning alarm goes off - which should get you out of bed.

I am not a big fan of the alarm system though; I'd prefer the phone to come to me to put it on snooze.

The wheels and case included were made by 3D printing. The case harnesses kinetic energy and can be used for other things than just rolling around– it can also use the wheels to measure things.

In terms of rolling, you're going to need a big surface to ensure your phone doesn't roll off the edge and get damaged.

The case doesn't look particularly durable either, so if your phone does decide to go on a little trip at the worst moment it may cause more damage than it's worth.

Here is a video of the phone case in action.

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Category: Digital Entertainment
Date: 5th August 2016
Wheels for your phone?

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