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Stuff on their top 5 portable keyboards

5 of the best portable keyboards

08 Nov 2012



Jorno folding keyboard

US$80 (£50)
Pop your office in your pocket with Jorno, the self-proclaimed world’s smallest keyboard. It folds down to a pocket-friendly size and connects via Bluetooth to any iOS or Android device. It unfolds to a near-full-size keyboard, with a detachable cradle to hold your phone in either portrait or landscape positions.


Elecom Bluetooth keyboard

Pop the Elecom keyboard in your back pocket when you leave the house and you'll be able to pen your magnum opus on even the smallest of devices. With 17mm square keys and Bluetooth connectivity this sliding keyboard will work with iOS and Windows (7 and older for now) devices and turns on automatically when opened.
Source: designboom


SoloMatrix Spike

US$20 (£12)
If making the jump from physical keyboard to touchscreen is too much for you theSoloMatrix Spike should help. It offers a decidedly BlackBerry like keyboard case for your iPhone that promises to improve typing accuracy. You can pick and choose between the Spike1, with a keyboard that's physically attached but removable from the case, or the Spike2 – which features a hinged full qwerty keyboard that can be moved 180 degrees to access the touchscreen.


From US$170 (£105)
The attractive anodised aluminium Brydge not only adds a Bluetooth keyboard and case to your iPad – it even crams in a speaker for an extra audio boost. Ideal for working on the train while listening to your favourite speed garage track – if you’rethat guy.


Logitech Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover

The Logitech smart cover incorporates a magnetically closing aluminium iPad case with Bluetooth keyboard. In spite of its slim form it can manage up to six months on a single charge (with two hours typing a day). It also secures your slate at an angle so you can furiously pound away at the keys while basking in the glory of your smudge-free screen.

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Stuff on their top 5 portable keyboards

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