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Sphero Ollie

The Spero Ollie comes from the same creators of the original Sphero, which is a remote control ball you controlled with your phone. The new Sphero Ollie has the same concept as the original Sphero, but this time it comes with wheels and two motors making it a lot faster.

The app used to drive the Ollie is very simple with a joy stick on one side and a trick pad on the other. Once the Ollie is calibrated to know which was is forward, the Ollie just rolls around with a touch of a thumb.

The Ollie can spin, flip, drift, jump, and can perform tricks whilst it is in the air, not only that the app also rewards you with points based on the difficulty of the trick preformed. To pull tricks, you just swipe across the trick pad on the app. Controlling the Ollie tends to be simple, but driving it up ramps can take a little bit of practice. The Ollie is designed with ramps in mind, it can reach heights of 1.5m from a 10cm ramp, and can survive significant falls and crashes.

The Ollie can go very fast for its size, and is able to hit 14mph, and can travel 30 meters away from the smart phone being used to control it.

The Ollie is charged through a USB just like a smart phone. It takes an hour to get the Ollie fully charged, and the battery life lasts an hour.

Sphero have even created apps that allow you to programme the Ollie to do tricks, dances, and set routes for it to follow. The apps are free and available on Android and iPhone.

The Ollie only costs £80, and comes with two off road tires, that can be removed for drifting, different tires, colours and accessories.

If you are interested in buying the Ollie click here

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Date: 14th July 2015
Sphero Ollie

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