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Singapore's H3 Dynamics home for your drone

Singapore's H3 Dynamics has announced a neat little home for your drone when it's not in use, which it's calling the "Dronebox".

That's the short description. The company itself said "A grid independent battery charging and data communication shelter for on-demand sensing drones routine inspections in the field, as well as provide a highly reactive 24/7 perimeter and border security solution."

While the drone is away from its nest, solar panels mounted on top of the device charge up a battery. When it returns, that juice gets funnelled into the drone while the data collected during its flight is downloaded and sent back to a central command location.

A live feed from the drone to the box to the operator is also possible in fast-response situations.

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Category: Digital Entertainment
Date: 9th March 2016
Singapore's H3 Dynamics home for your drone

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