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Nest Protect Smoke Alarm

Firstly, this Nest Protect Smoke Alarm is possible in 2 models: the Nest Protect Wired Smoke Alarm and the Nest Protect Battery Smoke Alarm. The second one is easier to use and does not need an electrician to install it, just four holes in the ceiling. The supposed autonomy is five years for the battery and seven for the device according to Nest. This is the chemical cell used for the carbon monoxide sensor which limits the longevity of the device.

This Nest Protect Smoke Alarm is expensive but why? Because it is combined a smoke sensor and a carbon monoxide sensor. It can be important when you live in an environment where many devices are working such as a fireplace, gas cooker and wood burner for example. Just a reminder that carbon monoxide is a painless and colourless gas and extremely toxic.

Most of the time, you need two device and those specialized in detection of carbon monoxide are expensive, and the device has not just two sensors but eight: smoke sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, heat sensor, luminosity sensor, humidity sensor and three movement sensors. The box is a little big and heavy compared to the others. There is a luminous multicolour circle which lights with different colour when functioning on emergency. The blue is for the configuration; the green when everything is right, the yellow when there is a warning and the red for an emergency.

To launch the device it's easy, you just have to pull out the strip and push the button. Then the smoke alarm will talk loud and ring, it is really noisy but that's the aim of this kind of device. To finish, you just have to download the Nest app on your smartphone (iOS and Android available) and create an account.


To conclude, if you are fan of connected objects and for you it is not a problem to buy it, there are not so much arguments to convince you to buy a Nest Protect. And the fact that is a two in one object is not real good idea because the spots where you have to install a smoke sensor are not the same where you have to install a carbon monoxide sensor. You have to install a carbon monoxide sensor near the kitchen and the fireplace. But you can't install a smoke sensor at these places because it will trigger wrongly. You have to install your smoke alarm near the bedrooms.

The other functions are not really important. And the life of this expensive object (£89) is short, just 7 years! There are some positive points such as the design, the different colours for warning you and the voice which alerts you in addition to the ring.

In a big house, the Nest Protect could be important if you connect a lot of sensors (up to 18 sensors). The connection could allow you to know where the fire starts and you could know which room you have to avoid to go out of your house.
More, you can connect your Nest Protect Smoke Alarm with your Nest Thermostat. It communicate with the movement sensors to identify which rooms are occupied and in this way to optimize the heating system.

Price £89
Buy the Nest Protect Battery Smoke Alarm HERE
Buy the Nest Protect Wired Smoke Alarm HERE

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Nest Protect Smoke Alarm

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