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Microsoft launches music streaming site

Microsoft's Xbox Music streaming website launched earlier today, after months of hype surrounding the latest offering from the internet and gaming giants.  Microsoft hopes that their new free web streaming site will rival the successes of Spotify and Rdio who are currently the market leaders in the music streaming field.

The service is free for the first six months, but after that Xbox users will have to sign up to pay a monthly fee, which gives them access to an Xbox Music Pass. Microsoft are yet to release a statement on the Xbox One's service, however experts have said that it's likely the first 30 days of use will also be free.

Microsoft are hoping that by launching their own free website streaming service they can capitalise on the success of rival streaming sites such as Spotify and Rdio, which have grown in popularity as downloading and streaming become the norm  overtaking the purchasing of CD’s. Twitter are also said to be developing its own music download site but have yet to confirm a launch date.

The main selling point to Microsoft’s new service is that it allows the user to create playlists based on whatever website their viewing. It’s thought that the iOS and Android apps will also go live later on today. However experts are warning that if users are using the iOS and Android apps to access the site and create playlists then it must be done online. At present these apps won’t allow for offline usage, but Microsoft say that an update is coming in the next few months.

Let’s hope it’s a service worth waiting for!

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Category: Digital Entertainment
Date: 9th September 2013
Microsoft launches music streaming site

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