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Lily, the little drone

Lily is not the name of my charming neighbour but that's the name of a new drone with some amazing features. It's a quadcopter with a main body which looks like a UFO, and two laughing eyes which gives it a pleasant look. This device is a mix between a drone and a robot of company.

The main feature of Lily is that it will follow you everywhere thanks to a tracking box that you will put in your pocket or on your wrist. You just have to throw it and it will stabilise by itself. The camera placed into the drone will track you during the next 20 minutes, and will record you with high-definition 1080p HD video and 60 fps (or 720p and 120 fps for the slow motion action). The device is waterproof and it can float and take off from water. User who have an Iphone could receive the videos which will be recording by the drone (in low-definition).

Different mode of 'following' will enable you to vary the angle of filming: Follow, Lead, Fly up, Side and Loop. And the box will record the sound around the user. It will be possible to take some picture in 12 Mpx with the box which will be the trigger.

This innovating appliance, which is doing a huge buzz on YouTube, is already available in pre-order for $499, £322 (release planned for February 2016). After the pre-order period, the price will be $999, £645!!

Watch the video below and to pre-order, click HERE

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Category: Digital Entertainment
Date: 20th May 2015
Lily, the little drone

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