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Latest entry to a smart home device

Amazon with its Echo product was the first to release a smart home device. Looking like a speaker, it’s an all-in-one remote control to control everything in the home. Proving to be a real hit, earlier this year a report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners estimated that circa 3 million had been sold.

It is therefore no surprise that Apple is looking to move swiftly into this market. They also want to control your appliances in the home, music and even your lights. Rumours amid the pending launch indicate that Apple’s product will have some form of facial recognition through a camera, plus many more funky features. To pair with compatible devices it is expected that the speaker could use a ‘one click’ set up. Siri will also be there and according to Apple’s executives, she will be set up on a ‘deep neutral network’ to improve the quality of the smart home device.

Engineers are still hard at testing the devices in their homes with the prototypes still in the development stage which will also need approval from the US Federal Communications Commission.

Amazon are aware of the pending launch by Apple but stand strong by the power of their Alexa, the voice of Echo.

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Date: 27th September 2016
Latest entry to a smart home device

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