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Good news for film lovers

Lovefilm has launched a new app for iPhone and iPod touch users. From now on apple fans can download the Lovefilm Instant streaming video app direct to their device.

So what’s prompted the team over at Lovefilm to give consumers using some of the smaller iOS devices access to their new instant streaming app?  One word Netflix!  As well as being available across a much wider variety of platforms, the rival streaming service has just redesigned an app for Smart TVs and game consoles.

With that in mind, the creators made the decision to re-design the look and feel of the apps home page and include a number of extra features. As well as being able to watch films on the go, film buffs can access film information from IMDB, and can wirelessly stream to Apple TV via Airplay.

The Lovefilm app has been available on the iPad for some time, but until now the smaller iOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPod have only been able to access the Lovefilm by post app, which seems a very old fashioned way of catching up on the latest blockbuster!

The pluses are the app is free to download and the first month is free, however after that you will have to agree to a monthly bill of £5.99. There is always the option to sign up to for Lovefilm Instant + By Post, which gives you access to Lovefilm's library of DVDs, Blu-rays and games on disc, for between £9.99 a month and £13.27 a month, depending on how many discs you want.

Let’s hope that this rivalry continues as it means better connectivity and accessibility for us the consumer.

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Good news for film lovers

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