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Alpha 2

There is now a little robot that can help organise your home and it basically becomes part of the family. The robot is called Alpha 2, it can do all sorts of cools things. Alpha 2 can use its voice recognition to answer your questions by connecting to the WiFi and looking up the answers. But it can also pre-empt your actions. If you are going out it will give you the weather forecast, and it will even remind you to take medicine. It can check your voicemails and lay them out loud, control your printer and smart home appliances like lights and locks, read bedtime stories, wake you up it can even play music and dance. It can also download apps to give its self-more skills.

Alpha 2 was made possible by raising nearly 1 million dollars through crowd funding.

Alpha 2 will cost 458 pounds and it'll ship in February.

Alpha 2 is definitely something of the future it's an unbelievable piece of tech and I really want one.

Here is a video of the little Robot butler in action.

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Alpha 2

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