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New app launched for Amazon’s Alexa smart home assistant

Created on Tuesday 13th March, 2018.

Alexa is about to get smarter and a bit easier to talk to.

Devices that are Alexa-enabled have been updated. The update will allow users to follow up with a second question for Alexa without the need to say “Alexa" again, making for a more natural conversation.

Follow-Up Mode is the name of the new feature which needs to be enabled by users before it can be used. Five seconds will be given to users of Echo and Echo Dot to ask a follow-up question after the first question has been answered. The mode will look out for things that it thinks its being asked rather than listening to anything that has been said. This means you won't have to worry about asking something accidently and you can end the conversation but saying something like “thank you" or just “stop".

Although this is a small step for improving the smart home assistant, it's a good step forward to making their use more natural and easier to use.