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holograms are coming to smartphones

Created on Wednesday 22nd June, 2016.

More big news in the phone world is that we could be expecting to see hologram technology in our smart phones. Imagine making a call and a 3D image of the person you called pops out of your phone screen.

"The basic idea of using hologram technology in a smartphone is that you would be able to project a 3D image into space at a certain short distance away from the device," says Waiman Lam, VP for global marketing at ZTE Mobile Devices

Since phone-makers are largely non-committal about the technology, ZTE's enthusiasm is a positive for anyone excited about holo-phones, but Lam admits that for the technology to be successful, image processing power, display capabilities and light conditions would have to combine perfectly.

"We estimate that it will still be at least a few years or more until we see hologram phones," he says.

Very exciting news, soon we may even see a holo-TV, or maybe even cinemas.